Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Hypnobirthing for men...

I mentioned a week or so ago that our 'Hypnobirthing' cd and book arrived in the post.
We are now about half way through so I thought it may be worth an update on progress.

We are now on the 'practical' section of the book which involves learning the 'skills' you'll need for a more relaxed, quick and straightforward birth. The first part is all about breathing. Notably hypnobirthing is about both the mother and the 'birthing companion' working together, so Gaz has had to take part. Over the weekend we started by practising our 'sleep' and 'slow' breathing. We trialled this following the papers and breakfast in bed on Sunday morning (we've got to get these little luxuries in while we can). So, I read the book out loud, Gaz has a go, then we practise together - it has to be this way since I am a visual learner and can't take anything in which is audio only.

It took a while to get going.
Gaz couldn't stop laughing at the American terminology and then when supposedly practising his relaxed breathing did a huge trump (apparently as he was, "so relaxed he couldn't help it") which meant I had to leave the room, not conducive to relaxed breathing practise. However, eventually we got into it and found our favourite relaxing positions (which apparently can also be used as birthing positions) - Gaz going for the side based 'lateral' position, me a more sat up one. So far so good. We need to practise our breathing now every day so that it becomes natural and easy to pick up at short notice (presumably when a large baby starts to come out of a small area). The next step is visualisation but Gaz says we can't move on to that until we have got the breathing sorted. Half a job Hel just wants to crack on.

We also went to NCT last night which was a session all about post natal. It was slightly dull to be honest. We talked about what to expect once the baby has arrived (to have very little of your usual life remaining by the sound of it), ways to bond and what to expect around post natal health care. The main positive was that it finished earlier than planned - I'm actually pretty sure we could have combined this session with our last one, which I believe is more of the same next week. It was good to consider how things may change with a premature baby or a baby that needs to stay in hospital - again just so you have thought of all the scenarios, but I'm not sure how much we learnt that was new. Nice to see some of the other couples again though...

When we got home I suggested we move on with our book since we were home early. Gaz was looking for some nutella on bread, a glass of milk and the cricket highlights but in response to my disappointment (he has been doing some strange sleeping all week with the cricket, lets hope the cricket is on when the baby is approx 6 weeks old, up all night and can be fed with a bottle!) he came up and agreed we should move on with the book.

As I finished brushing my teeth I returned to the bedroom to find Gaz looking particularly sleepy,
"Oh my God, are you asleep?"
"No. You will find I am in the lateral position doing my breathing" was the return (I'm so proud).
So I started with the next chapter. After about 2 minutes of reading I heard what sounded surprisingly like the start of a snore,
"You are asleep!"
No answer. Unbelievable. So I turned off the light and snuggled in,
"Night babe. Love you."
"I thought we were doing breathing?"
"We are, you keep doing that breathing.."
"I am doing, you should be too"
Yes babe, if you say so. You can't kid a kidder. You are very clearly asleep. G Kisby has invented his own hypnobirthing which combines the lateral position with napping position.

Birthing companion anyone?

(I joke obviously. I know how lucky I am to have a husband who even entertains lateral position)

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