Monday, 13 December 2010

Faux christmas fun...

We have just had a really lovely weekend. We head over to Manchester on Friday night for a weekend of fun at the Milton's including a group xmas meal and games on Saturday night.

On Saturday G Kisby and I took our beautiful nephews Luca and Sonny for a walk to the park. I had said to Gaz that I would be fine to do this task alone but he seemed to disagree. To be honest I was pretty pleased - wouldn't want to be blatant about my lack of ability to look after children whilst heavily pregnant (although to be fair there isn't much he could do at this stage) but lets be honest, I've got nothing. Someone in work told me a story about their nephew needing 3 nappy changes in 20 minutes whilst they were babysitting. I asked why you would bother changing it, wouldn't it be both cost and time effective to wait and just do it once. They looked at me in a way that suggested I shouldn't ask those sorts of question out loud.

Anyway, we then met up with the group late afternoon in the pub where they were having christmas cocktails. I had half a guinness to celebrate - yum.
The night was then spent making Christmas dinner, chatting, eating and playing pass the parcel. We also did secret santa. Unfortunately I had Ben who had forgotten whose his was but was pretty certain it was a boy so went for a bottle of whisky. Couldn't have been more inappropriate really (particularly since due to a teenage incident even the one adult who can currently drink in our household nearly heaves when he as much as looks at whisky).

Poor Kate was really suffering with 'fankles' (some of the largest ankles I have ever seen) and a very full tummy. They have booked her cesarean in for the same time as our due date - so we could have our babies at the same time. Although I really can't see her getting that far.

The night finished nicely (in true faux christmas style) with everyone falling asleep in front of the fire watching tv. Everyone that is except the girl who is 34 weeks pregnant - Mav and I did good!

On Sunday after lunch we helped Mum do some removals then nipped to see family Bryce-Clegg where Fee pretty much turned nothing into a full meal (fried cabbage, potatos, green beans and pancetta- domestic goddess - I have so much to live up to. Particularly as I secretly think Gaz is holding out for some improvements from me over the nxt 6 months).

What a lovely weekend.

It was back to work though today with a bump. I have also had very strange gripping feelings all day which are really uncomfortable. I'm trying not to be unduly concerned since Mav is still moving away but I will ask the midwife tomorrow just in case. I walked to the shops on my lunch today and think i did so a bit fast since my abdomen muscles were really aching down the left side on the way back. Think my body is finally telling me to slow down a bit so I will take it a bit easier this last few weeks. I keep getting braxton hicks which just feels like my tummy is going to pop it goes so tight, I am hoping this is just my body now preparing for the big day.

Talking of which I now have about 5 things to do daily - pelvic flaw exercises, couple of yoga moves to try and get Mav to turn so he isn't posterior, perennial massage, breathing practise. There is a lot to remember...

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