Friday, 17 December 2010

Real life birth film anyone...?

One of the things which Nicki, our NCT teacher, gave to us was a list of useful websites and reading materials. There were a number of good fact sheets etc. and in amongst the list were some links to live birth videos.

Now, I plan to ensure G Kisby updates our blog during the labour since it is a good way to inform all our friends and family without needing to text. Of course if I am lucky enough to have a quick fire labour and there isn't time then I won't be losing any sleep. But this will be Mav's first day in the world and we want to remember as much as possible about it (and so that he/she can look back on it too).

However, actually filming the birth itself - no. I am not having my hot, sweaty bad tempered self on any kind of video camera. But credit to those who do.

The question is, do you watch them? Is it better to go into it blind with a clear picture in your head of how you want your labour to pan out (though notably with images of labour from films ingrained in your mind - screaming, blood etc). Or, do you watch the films and hope that they actually show birth in a better light and make you feel more confident about the whole thing?

Without too much thought (and with G Kisby still in bed) a couple of weekends ago I watched one. And actually I can say that it was a good experience. Nicki had sent us a link (see below)
to some films which she said were well made and sympathetically edited. I would agree. I only watched one (Michelle's birth diary) and although I know it was edited she actually did a good job of showing a successful natural birth. I don't think I'll watch any others (wouldn't want to jinx it) but for now, still feeling good.

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  1. Hey, just catching up on your blog, and wanted to check something with you...
    You DO know it's a pelvic FLOOR, not a 'pelvic flaw' don't you????
    (praying that I've missed out on a joke earlier on?)


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