Wednesday, 15 December 2010

"Excellent stomach tone" - that's right!

Last night we had our final NCT class. It has been a busy week since we have guests over for Christmas supper on Friday and the house is slightly in a state of disarray. Up until half an hour ago you couldn't get into the conservatory and while the baby room is waiting to be decorated everything was moved into the spare room. However, since guests are staying over G Kisby has had to move everything back, it has been a bit like a rubix cube.

The final class was another post natal one and we discussed changing nappies, dealing with inconsolable crying and slings etc for carrying. To be honest, since we have had some experience with our nephews this wasn't hugely useful, but since I guess some people have never changed a nappy I can see why it would be a good exercise.

We also considered what made the 'perfect mum' and 'perfect dad' then what the reality might look like. It was something I think Gaz and I will discuss again alone since there were some valid points. More around my expectations of myself than anything else but good to talk about how our relationship may change and how we can prepare / manage this. It is also good to remind me that I am not going to be able to just continue life as normal but take the baby along too. We both think it important not to completely run our lives around Mav and that a laid back approach is probably best for everyone. But that aside it is worth considering that some days there will be inconsolable crying, tiredness and grouchiness. 

On a separate note we also had a midwife appointment where she let G Kisby listen to Mav's heartbeat and did all the usual checks. Mav still on track size wise but when measuring my bump she did exclaim, "well, this is a neat bump", "you have excellent stomach tone - which is great for you but not easy for us to check where the baby is lying"
"Excellent stomach tone" - it made my day!
My day was also made by news that Mav has swivelled round and now has his back to my front - stay there Mav, no-one wants a 'long and painful labour'! I had odd period pains all day Monday, which I guessed were just my, now pretty regular, braxton hicks. I am now wondering if it was Mav on the move?

Pictures from the weekend - Mav at 34 weeks old...

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