Wednesday, 22 December 2010

I've not thought this through...

Tonight is the final night, potentially for 9 months, that will be a school night.
Just had that realisation and exclaimed to G Kisby, "Oh my God, I've not thought this through!"
"You never think anything through" was the response. Not quite sure how to take that.

It has finally hit me (better late than never) that I finish work tomorrow and it feels really weird. I have been doing handovers for the last week or so and although I have known it, I don't think I have really let go. We've been on countdown for weeks in the car journey of a morning, and every day this week, "final Monday" etc. But only tonight does it seem real.

We also visited Calderdale hospital tonight after work, where a group of around 12 couples were shown round the labour ward and birthing centre. The labour ward felt really quite clinical, lots of machines, the usual hospital beds and lighting - the odd birthing ball here and there but more token than anything else. The birthing centre felt better (but still a wee bit more clinical than I was hoping) and at least the lighting could be dimmed. The birthing pool looked good, nice and deep, I am still very much into that idea. There was also a Costa coffee and actually the hospital itself did feel much nicer than Hudds. Partners can't stay over but visiting times were really flexible which is good.

The only slight issue is that G Kisby sometimes doesn't take too well to hospitals and tonight that played out and he had to leave to tour for fear of fainting. Hmm - may be a bit of an issue. We are going to see how Huddersfield birthing centre feels when we visit in a few weeks then make a decision. I'm still not entirely against a home birth and I would much rather G Kisby was able to be there and feel comfortable than anything else, including the option of a water bath. Luckily have Fee on standby, I think she is up for the job...particularly if there is any sort of emergency c section going on, think I'd be well and truly on my own....

Woooo 2 more sleeps till Xmas eve. Can't wait, we absolutely love Christmas!!!

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