Saturday, 1 January 2011

Ooh our baby is fully cooked!

At midnight we welcomed a very exciting new year and a fully cooked baby - which is great since it means that from now on we can go to a birthing centre rather than a hospital and hopefully Mav is just putting on the pounds but has everything he needs for the outside world.

With all of that in mind we were still pleased he chose to stay where he was last night, since I would have been getting a taxi, missing out on some great steak and he would have spent his entire life attempting to ensure his birthday was recognised amongst the NYE celebrations!

We had a lovely night with our friends Amy and Matt, quite low key but with some great wine (I had a wee sample of each type) and an hour of Jools Holland which included a spot of Kylie - what more can you ask for?

We even made it to 12.40 and watched loads of fireworks from our sitting room window right the way across Huddersfield before heading to bed with large glasses of water (it's all about avoiding the hangover these days - ahh another benefit of pregnancy)

It's very strange now to think that our baby could come any day but we don't know when. I don't really think it will be for at least another week, at least, but apparently there is as much chance from today as at 40 weeks (only 4% of babies come on their actual due date). I also suddenly realised that we are now really close to knowing what he/she will look like. Something you'd think I'd have thought about but obviously haven't. Inside my tummy now is a fully grown baby with all the features that we will see when he / she comes out, features that are there but we don't know yet - craziness. I think that idea freaks me out more than when we initially felt movements since then it didn't feel so real.

I had more work dreams last night - this time that we didn't have time to think through what the best options were around childcare etc. and that the 6 months were over. Not sure how keen I am on this lack of structure and certainty. Even doing the weekly shop yesterday was strange thinking about how we'll need to alter all of our usual routines. Sure we'll get used to it pretty quickly.

The other slight debate we are currently having surrounds the flu jab. Pregnant women are advised to have it but then I keep thinking it is probably a bit late now since I believe it takes 7 days for your body to make the anti bodies. But then on another website it does say that it might offer protection for your baby for 6 mnths afterwards as well - in which case maybe it isn't too late. Then, on another note, I know you can feel slightly under the weather after having the injection and I have felt so well this whole time that I am cautious about risking that.
We are due to see the midwife on Wednesday so I will ask her then...

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