Monday, 24 January 2011

Pancakes, a nap and....

Nothing. A couple of random contractions but nothing at all in any rhythm or routine.

G Kisby landed on his feet today, a Monday off work with no whingey wife and a full english farm shop breakfast. I had a stack of pancakes drizzled in melting butter and syrup - yum. Funnily the lady serving us asked when I was due and we told her that it was Friday but that my waters had broken so it would be either today or tomorrow. She looked at us like, seriously? Then went into a full tale of how they wouldn't let you out of hospital after your waters had gone in her day and every time she passed with someones order seemed to be checking out if I was about to suddenly go into full blown labour on the floor there and then.
As we were leaving I heard her telling another table about it - I have obviously given her a story for the day!

So I have since used the opportunity to do some resting and listened again to the old hypnobirthing cd which always sends me to sleep. I've never got to the end of it awake so either I am missing out some crucial last part, which of course I will soon find out later when I suddenly get to the pushing stage and lose all control, or the crazy American lady does literally hypnotise me then fill my brain subconsciously with all the right things. Hopefully the latter. Either way another hour nap can't do any harm.

Two pieces of good advice given - Kirsty suggested to G Kisby he should get me going up and down stairs, "you've got to be cruel to be kind" (like it - Kirsty is my hypnobirthing idol giving birth on 2 paracetamol and then heading home a few hours later). Thinking I may try the move on the right also????
Also, Alison text, "remember not to use that contact lens pot again" - yes good advice, and I did think myself this morning, "dam it, I needed that pot, wonder if I could have asked for it back since I'm sure they just threw it away?"

G Kisby was due to do some glosswork painting when he returned home from work tonight and has so far given me the following excuses for not cracking on now:
a) I don't want to get all covered in paint then need to stop quickly if we need to go (didn't seem to be an issue with the old shower this morning and it is one pot and a brush!?!)
b) Should I not be staying and supporting you? (I am in absolutely no pain, sat on my bum eating pineapple and watching crap on TV whilst you look at Liverpool FC online. I think we both know the answer to that one)

He has just gone to get started. Off to do some jobs that keep me on my feet (not painting - don't panic even I draw the line there)  - come ooooon gravity...

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