Friday, 7 January 2011

Huddersfield 'birth spa'

This week we visited the Huddersfield Birth Centre for our midwife appointment and a look round the centre.

All was well with Mav - right size, good heartbeat, still head down - although he has now spun round again so his legs and arms are at the front. Unsurprising since he is such a wriggly baby. In the midwife's words - "there are limbs everywhere". Yep - that's what I am feeling too. She gave us a leaflet on ways to try and get him to turn round again but to honest he just moves all the time so I'm not overly worried. Although I am now finally having some issues sleeping and part of this comes I think from the kicking etc. so if he could turn round and lie at little more still overnight that would be great!

The midwife we spoke to, Jackie, was absolutely lovely. They are very much pro natural labour (which I suppose is a given since you can't have an epidural or much else other than gas and air there) and keen to intervene as little as possible. We talked through our birth plan and she was supportive of everything we discussed, even setting our minds at rest about any complications and what would happen if we did need to transfer to Calderdale.

The whole place felt so relaxed and calm and 'un hospital like'. Needless to say G Kisby didn't feel faint. The rooms are fab. You can have dimmed lighting, ipod docking stations, big birthing pools in a couple and even a shared kitchen with supplies of toast, cereal etc. You also don't need to move once you've had the baby and can stay as long as you feel necessary and your feeding is established. Within reason obviously, Gaz was almost suggesting we moved in for the week (they provide a pull out bed so Gaz can stay over too)

We both felt so so much better having visited, my only hope is that it isn't full when Mav decides it is time to make an appearance since then we would have to go to Calderdale (which, don't get me wrong, still looks fine). I even added an extra couple of bits to my hospital bag since I am now not so keen to get out of hospital asap. I would almost say, although perhaps not quite, I am looking forward to it...

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