Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Leaving the 20's behind!

So the big day finally arrived - no not Mav's birthday but mine.
On Sunday we celebrated, all be it rather tamely, my 30th birthday. G Kisby was busy painting most of the weekend so it was nice to get dressed and do my hair and makeup to leave the house on Saturday night for a curry with 2 of our favourite people Fee and Al.

I received some lovely presents including these gorgeous porridge bowls from family Bryce-Clegg (in a goldilocks style we have one for mummy, daddy and baby bear), a Cath Kidston knitting bag and a computer package for making short films (one of the other hobbies I plan to start) to mention a few. Suddenly very aware that the presents are clearly representative of someone turning 30 as opposed to 21!!!

On my actual birthday we went for a walk (apparently good for bringing on labour), watched a trashy film and ate for Britain.
What else is one supposed to do when so restricted by pregnancy?

I do feel quite sad to leave my 20's behind but luckily there is too much else going on in my small head to dwell on it too much.
I did try to communicate some frustrations that Mav hadn't arrived to G Kisby last night who gave me short shrift. Something around, "he isn't even due yet" and "you have been amazing this whole pregnancy and haven't whinged once, don't start now". Harsh I felt but it did make me shut up.

Instead I did extra high jumps at my aqua class today (gravity surely???) and bought pineapple to eat (supposedly you need to eat an awful lot to have any effect but I will dig in anyway just in case).

Will update the blog if any of this makes a difference!

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