Monday, 10 January 2011

New family car - ooh!

After a lot of research we finally bought a new family saloon today.
We went through the usual debates which I think occur at this stage in life - practicality vs. credibility, solid investment vs. credibility, economy vs. credibility, blah de blah de blah.
We ended up going for a navy Passat, which I am pretty excited about considering that the Mondeo was well up there till the very last minute.
It means we retain a small amount of credibility whilst also accepting our changing priorities. And the boot looks so big I think i may actually get the pram in it without needing to fold it down?

I also met my lovely friend Alison for breakfast in Leeds, did a spot of shopping (mainly swapping Xmas items) and had my hair cut and coloured, bright copper is back!
I wasn't at my most active and my braxton hicks were inconveniently regular. I was slow man. Not helped by the constant toilet trips. Oh well, probably not too many more shopping trips in town for me now before Mav comes along.

This evening I have been working on a spreadsheet for tracking profit / sales on ChipperNelly - my big sister Fee's craft business which is on (link below)

I am hoping to give her a hand whilst on maternity leave, partly through doing some crafts but also through helping with the kind of thing above.
She also has a new blog which I have added to 'My blog list' - take a look!

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  1. OOh indeed - was just thinking about a Passat today but told myself I had to get over the fact you may be driving a Mondeo and let it go. I'm not gonna would have lost serious credibility with the B-C's (remember how you all sneered when we got our first people carrier??)
    You can't beat a VW (apart from a HUGE Volvo of course!)
    Changing Christmas presents you say....trying to make all your friends and family paranoid?
    fee x


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