Monday, 24 January 2011

Show time - literally!

At 1am this morning I went for my regular toilet trip and noticed quite a bit of dampness. Enough to wet my (or should I say G Kisby's - I have taken to wearing his sweat pants now since they almost fit) jammies. But not enough to warrant any kind of alarm I didn't think. Upon climbing back into bed I turned on the light and asked Gaz what he thought:
"Does this look right to you?"
"Can't see, I don't have my glasses on..."
Moving the jammie bottoms closer to his face (nice), "look they are a bit wet"
"Er yeah a bit, but if your waters break there is more than that isn't there?"
"Hmmm, yeah, think so. Let me consult the book" (look in book, doesn't say)
"Let's go back to sleep" (G Kisby, needless to say, has almost done so already)

At 3am I wake again and this time immediately feel that something isn't right so jump up and head to the toilet,
" Gaz I don't think this is right, I seem to be leaking" - I shout through whilst trying to get my clothes off,
"Over the toilet" I hear as he comes through (gotta love Gaz for that - always practical, and clean, which is useful since despite this seeming obvious I was actually stood in the middle of the room dripping.
Since there was no 'gush' we decided to call Huddersfield just in case and ask whether waters can come more slowly. They were absolutely lovely and suggested that we head in and bring the pad I was wearing so they could check. I relay the information to Gaz,

"Have I got time for a shower and shave, I haven't shaved all weekend .and look awful"
Love it! Leaking girl shoves on some clothes and manages to catch some fluid in a contact lens solution pot along the way - inventive I know. G Kisby is actually using a hair dryer at 3 in the morning.

The midwife, Dave, at Huddersfield was great. He checked Mav's heart beat and position, still making time to ask Gaz if he wanted to hear and if he had any questions.
He also said, not for the first time I must add, that I had very strong abdominal muscles which meant that my tummy felt tight like it would with a contraction even though there wasn't one.
Just thought I'd note that down again lest anyone forget

So we head home and got into a heavily toweled bed for some more sleep, and actually I had a good few hours of really comfortable nap time. Now we just need to wait. They have booked us in to be induced tomorrow morning at Calderdale if 'active labour' hasn't begun by then, so either way Mav will be born over the next couple of days.
Having got up this morning it feels a bit like a dream. We both have a mixture of nervous tummy and excitement.

To start Mav's coming out day in style and encourage labour we are now going for a walk round to the farm shop for some breakfast - full fry up out of the question???

Will keep updated with, hopefully, some more progress...

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