Tuesday, 4 January 2011

'Maternity leave' blues?

Yesterday felt really strange. As G Kisby packed up his lunch, checked his emails and got his work clothes ready, I did some knitting. Suddenly felt like I was back in the 1920's.

As we got into bed, pretty early since it was a school night for Gaz, I started to waffle on about how weird it felt / what I was going to do for the rest of the week etc. Poor Gaz - as always I completely choose my timings. Genuinely felt a little bit uneasy with it all though. It also wasn't helped by the fact that I had agreed to go to Aqua Natal with a few of the girls from NCT and just before bed (again, true to form, last minute and completely unorganised) realised that without a car this would involve a bus then a 30 minute walk. Normally not an issue but even by my own standards I wasn't sure that an exercise class top and tailed with a decent walk was the right thing to do. But I didn't want to make G Kisby's first day at work any worse either.

Anyway I finally got to sleep and after waking during the night thinking we were being burgled (a small earthquake with its epicentre in Rippon I later found to be the cause) woke bright and early and decided to take Gary to the station. Why does getting up early feel so so much better when you don't have to go to work.
I actually ended up taking Gaz right into Leeds since he hadn't set his alarm early enough for a train but this was fine since when I got home I hopped right back into bed for a snooze.

And after that everything was fine. A little Jeremy Kyle (oh my God that is too horrendous to watch), Homes under the Hammer (love it) then off to do some 'light' (too light?) exercise with a load of other heavily pregnant women - kind of feeling like you have special needs when being told, "come on kick those legs up high" whilst lying back on a float like a, perhaps not beached but certainly floundering, whale.

We also then met the other NCT girls for coffee, one with baby in tow. Funny how every time we meet up now another one or two more of us will have a baby!

I seem to have plans for the rest of the week (including a visit to the Huddersfield birth centre for a midwife visit tomorrow) so I'm sure time will fly before Mav arrives. We also have the carpet fitter and plasterer coming tomorrow.

My last quick task of the day was to re-look at my hospital bag. 3 nappies - apparently not enough. 1 babygrow - ditto. And I had forgotten my bikini for the birth pool - how unusual it is to be packing a bag to go to hospital and taking along your swimmers, it practically feels like a holiday (aside from the disposable knickers that is, although, I guess that depends on your type of holiday!!!)

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