Friday, 14 January 2011

Mav puts on a show then stands his ground...

After another good Aqua Natal class on Tuesday I went to the midwife for what I am really really hoping was a final visit. Julie, the midwife, had a very young and pretty student nurse working with her and Mav (I am now fully convinced must be a boy?) put on a great show. He is lying with his back to the side so that the lump I keep rubbing thinking is a bum is actually a knee. In fact Julie used the words, "ooh that is a big knee" - o.k lets never use the term big in any context here. He also then responded to her touching the knee by squirming around like a trooper. The student nurse Sarah, who notably has been working with midwives for 8 weeks, had never seen such visible movement from an unborn baby and was absolutely mesmerised. Julie was trying to get her feel how the baby was lying but Mav would not stay still. In the end Julie had to say, "o.k let Helen get down now". When I mentioned this to Gaz did he comment on our wriggly unborn child? No. He questioned why the young student nurse hadn't been there when he came.

Apparently the lack of fat on my tummy makes it really easy to see and feel Mav move which is particularly useful for the midwife during labour who can easily monitor how he is doing and his positioning. He has also engaged his head a little further and is now not far off being fully engaged. Probably as far as he'll go now before labour actually starts.
So she was really pleased and asked me to book an appointment for 2 weeks in the hope I'll cancel it since by that time I'll be overdue.

Nothing as yet though, and I am getting a little impatient (which is a worry since it could be another 3 weeks). If I have to be induced then it would mean I couldn't go to Huddersfield birth spa.
It is a very strange feeling since on the one hand I am so excited about meeting our baby and looking forward to a good nights sleep (can't believe I've just written that - ha ha) and no longer being pregnant (ignore the middle point) but on the other I know that we should be enjoying every last minute of having no responsibility and having plenty of 'us' time.
I just get really frustrated by what I can't do. If I was on holiday from work I'd have whipped up the painting of the hall etc but with G Kisby and my mother on 'pregnant policing' I'm not getting anywhere near a paintbrush.  Argh! I'm not used to relying on others to get things done.

Anyway not long to go now and G Kisby is going to crack on with painting the baby room over the weekend so it may be we do actually have a finished room before Mav makes an appearance. Today was my guess on the sweepstake for Mav's birthday, his first act of defiance, hmm, hopefully not the first of many.
To quote Fee, "Come out soon Mav, it's fun out here..."

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