Monday, 24 January 2011

Did I mention how we weren't keen on the birth spa?

What a boring day man. Turns out that being pregnant once your waters have broken is even more restrictive than just being pregnant. And I didn't even have a decent box set to watch.
I tried a bath but even found that a little dull since with no bubbles (not allowed once waters gone apparently) and the smell of paint it wasn't too relaxing.

I have been researching induction methods and what our options are. I know that it is important to get our head round the fact that we may now not be able to go to Huddersfield and the most important thing is ensuring that Mav is safe and happy. G Kisby has even taken his jammies out the case, there are no sleepovers allowed for partners at Calderdale. I'm unsure if things like a water bath are even out of the question since I think we'll need to be on the labour ward - all questions we can ring and ask in the morning.

Time for a nice bowl of pasta and a cuddle on the sofa with some trashy tv. Ooh just think, only one more night of G Kisby falling off the side since I take up so much room but insist on snuggling. When I 'moped' my way upstairs and asked G Kisby how he was feeling he responded.
"I'm just excited since whatever happens we are going to have a baby in the next couple of days"
Puts it into context! Too exciting...

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