Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mav shows no sign of moving!

So the 21st of Jan came and went and Mav still shows absolutely no signs of moving. There are very few people left in the sweep stake now with Janet bowing out today. Granny Babs and Rob are the only ones left - 24th and 25th respectively. Clearly Mav has planned to defy us all and wait until he is forced out. Literally.

Had quite a subdued end to the week, no visitors and I decided not to drive anywhere too far just because it would serve me right if I soiled the family saloon and ended up giving birth in Wythenshawe after going on and on about my birth spa.
On Friday I walked with Michelle (new NCT friend) to the farm shop, ate my weight in chips and cake, then walked home. The walk was not nearly far or vigorous enough to work off the calories but I figured I am literally on my last few weeks of justification - particularly on the chips front, I would never normally just eat chips!!!
There were just 3 of us left from the NCT group who haven't had babies - that is now 2 since Amy had a little girl yesterday, 3 days overdue. G Kisby and I then went to see Katie and Colin's twins, who were absolutely gorgeous.

The weekend has been spent painting (I know - will it ever end). At least I was permitted to do small amounts (door frames and radiators) and with every window open and an industrial mask I did support the cause. Gaz worked really hard all of both days and I am pleased to say that it is now pretty much done. Odd bits of gloss work but we should be able to get the carpets down this week - hooray. This is good since I had another, "how on earth are we still doing this when we have known for 9 months" drama on Friday night. I think I uttered the words, "other women at 40 weeks are nesting by cleaning out some drawers, I am painting bloody spindles". And I am also now convinced that Mav is secretly thinking the same and staying put in protest.

On the positive side it has given me more time to look at nursery decor ideas online, practise my breathing exercises and for G Kisby get everything set up at work for his paternity leave (hormones you see making me slightly schizophrenic since I'm o.k about it all again today!)

I love the colours on this blog post, they are kind of where we are heading with Mav's room since we want it to be unisex (don't anyone even dare say we might as well wait now since we'll know if Mav is indeed a boy very shortly)
Also very much inspired by this blog which has some great ideas and beautiful nurseries before & after:

Watch this space for news of any labour signs!!!! 

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