Sunday, 3 July 2011

Fruit from the, er, 'garden'...

We have been LOVING the sunshine this weekend. After a lazy Saturday we got outside bright and early this morning to tackle our garden.

The wilderness was cut back but not before we got some pictures of Mabel practically lost in the grass...

I picked our first basket of plump juicy gooseberries (we have purple and green ones)
And a quick trip to Habitat (huge closing down sale, don't mind if I do) resulted in a number of unnecessary purchases. Felt the need to photograph the evening sunshine pouring into our front room tonight. I absoutely love when you get that early evening, warm golden light. I think early morning and evening are my favourite times of day!

Mabel also had her first solids this weekend in the form of baby porridge. I was trying to get a photo but realised I was being far from helpful and hugely distracting (besides which to be honest it wasn't pretty). She has been constantly hungry this last week so we decided it was time. First attempt went fairly well, then we tried again today and already her mouth was wide open waiting for the next spoon load...shes probably thinking, "Thank God, I have been watching you two eat for ages now while I have been stuck on lukewarm milk..."

Ah not long till I can reclaim my boobs then!

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