Sunday, 24 July 2011

The old lady and the rabbit...

Random kindness when it comes to children continues to amaze and delight me.
Whilst at my Mum's church 'Good as New' sale a couple of weeks ago a little old lady came over to the table, where we were drinking weak tea from china cups, to admire and talk to Mabel. After a few attempts at a smile (Mabel doesn't give them out so readily at the moment) she left and we had a wander round.
10 minutes later she came over and tapped me on the shoulder,
"Would it be o.k for her to have this?" she asked and passed me a little white and pink furry rabbit.

She had been and chosen it for her from one of the stalls,
"It looks new, I think she'll like it" she said

My heart melted. She had gone away and bought her a cuddly toy. This little old lady, who had only just met Mabel that day, had wanted to find something to make her happy. It was just too lovely and really touching.

Mabel's chubby little hands went to grab it but Mum whipped it away for later (apparently it needed a wash first). But we have put it through the washing machine and it has come up a treat.

We decided to name it after the lady so I called my Mum tonight to ask her name. So I'm thinking from that generation we'll have a Nancy or an Enid. Maybe Doris or a Rose. No. We now have Barbara rabbit.

I'm going to print this photograph off to give to her...


  1. Awww that's a sweet story, how lovely, there is a little kindness left in the world, haha, that's nice to know! x

  2. That is the sweetest thing, how thoughtful of the lady. I had a similar thing happen when I was staying with my Nan. She took Rose next door to see her neighbour that suffers from parkinsons who is really quite poorly and when I came home I recieved a little fluffy white mouse toy in the post. Apparently the lady was so grateful for Nan taking her round and cheering her up, that when she took a rare trip into town she went and bought the toy for Rose. When you have a baby, you suddenly get a lot of elderly women coming over to speak to you these day's! Sorry I'm babbling now...

    That's hilarious about the name though, I'd be very impressed if Mabel was able to say Barbara!

    Ashley xxx

  3. Barbara! Love it! I have an utterly mental cousin called Barbara. She thought she was a tree for two years. Yeah, we have a strong mental health isue going on on my fathers side. Gulp!!!!

    So lovely of that lady. Human kindness is still alive. Hurrah!!

    Look at Mabel's face, she is a joy.


  4. That is so lovely!!

    I remember when W was a toddler we were having breakfast in Woolworths cafe and there was an old man at the next table breakfasting alone.

    He was quite taken with W and as he got up to leave he gave W a pound coin - like you my heart melted and as he walked off I filled up!! That sort of small gesture can really restore your faith in humankind.....

    Mabel is adorable!!

    S x

  5. Brilliant, Barbara Rabbit! How sweet of her, and I love that pic of Mabel holding it.


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