Thursday, 21 July 2011

Finally I do my award post!

Huge thanks to Cuckoo (and Fee admittedly about 2 months ago) for my Kreativ Blogger award. Finally I have got round to doing my 7 facts and passing it on. I actually got up v early this morning to try and do some nail painting / fake tanning etc for the wedding  this weekend before the munchkin got up. Unfortunately I got distracted reading lots of lovely blogs and doing this and I can just hear her start to babble - argh! I swear I used to be able to prioritise!

1.I am really lucky to have such a close family. Sometimes so much so that I feel scared it might be taken away. We genuinely love spending time together, G Kisby as much as anyone, which I realise can be rare. Our dad died when I was little and I wonder if in some strange way that has made us closer? Perhaps something positive has come from something so sad?

2. I worry too much. Not about the big things (that I probably should worry about) but about frustratingly small things...what other people will think...has everyone had enough to eat (I'm a feeder)...should I have eaten that second slice of cake (no).
I should have 'don't sweat the small stuff' tatooed somewhere!

3. I am currently learning to knit. I'm not great but have managed an ipod pouch and a scarf for Mabel. Because I was enjoying practising it is far far too long...

Apparently babies don't even wear scarves but I asked her and she said she likes it...

4. I don't understand why you dust under things (you don't see it), or have to wash a bread knife when it's been used only once (just brush off the crumbs?) I once did a cleaning job whilst a didn't last long!

5. I use too many exclamation marks! It probably mirrors the way I talk!!!

6. I dream of starting my own business one day. I'd like one of the many ideas I have in my head to finally come to something. It nearly happened about 5 years ago and although I still believe in the idea the timing wasn't good. It will probably be a good few years away now that we are busy creating our family but that's o.k, I am very happy right now. I find women who have managed it alongside parenting pretty inspiring!
7. I have an unbelievably low boredom threshold. I'm bored of doing this now...
so I am going to pass this award on to the lovely Ashley at Country Rose!


  1. Oh she looks so cute in her scarf, you can tell she loves it, she wil definitely be a scarf girl when shes older! Well done on learning to knit too, that is next on my list now I have mastered the basics of crochet! haha. Have a super weekend, enjoy the wedding xxx

  2. Thank you so much for the award! I'm now feeling completely chuffed :-) It's definitely helped me feel a bit more cheerful after a bit of a stressful morning.. Rose has been as cranky as ever, I think her top teeth may be on their way! But Thankfully she's back to sleep in her cot now..

    Mabel looks a complete cutey in her new scarf. Look at her sitting up on her own, Rose just about manages to wobble for a second before launching herself backwards or taking a nose-dive into the carpet! Well done on the knitting, it seems to take forever in the beginning.. I found that when I started holding the wool in a different way, I could knit a lot faster. I still struggle with the patterns quite a bit though!

    Ashley xxx

  3. Hello love! Thanks for your comment over at mine. Lovely to hear from you.
    Mabel is such a cool name. I once knew a 96 year old woman called Mabel. She was the oldest landlady in Devon and had the sweetest little pub which didn't even have a bar and everyone drank out of proper tankards.
    Always loved the name Mabel and it suits your little girlie.
    So you and Fee.....are you sisters? I am way behind the times....
    x x

  4. I read that you had knitted an ipod cover and scarf for mabel....and was thinking 'is that what you give babies these days?' when I fidured it was the one you gave G Kisby?

    Well done on the award front - you do know we got one from Emily this week? and yes - you have to do it again! go visit Cuckoo - she has had about 5 recently and managed 7 facts each and every time - and still funny. Curse her for raising the bar.

    i did my fake tan yesterday before going out for dinner. Went out pale, came back asian. result.
    fee x

  5. I seem to be posting immediately after Fee these days and she always distracts me by making me snort with laughter with her comments. Had to laugh at the pale/asian image. Ha ha!

    Can't believe you've done your blog award post. I have still got to do mine... I'm not interesting enough to think of seven facts about myself. Might make stuff up.

    I worry about little things too - far too much. And I over-analyse.

    Lovely little scarf for Mabel and she looks very cute. I think she can start a trend in scarves for babies. She is looking slightly different in every photo lately - isn't it astonishing how they change so quickly.

    Nicki xx

  6. So you're a feeder? I'm an eater. I'll be there in a couple of hours.



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