Thursday, 7 July 2011

A funny old week...

It's been a bit of a funny week...

It started with a lovely trip to Heaton Park with my brother and his boys where we fed the ducks and visited the farm (Mabel slept through most of the former and screamed through the latter due to a very yappy jack russell who ran past her pram and woke her up with a fright. My leg was very close to jutting out as it ran past me I tell you. Although it was called 'Russell' which did make me smile).

Then on Wednesday we had nothing on, no car, lots of rain and an unhappy baby with sore teeth. By 3pm as I trudged to the park hoping the drizzle wouldn't turn into anything more, I was struggling to make positive my internal monologue....
"It's just so hard...I know it is so ungrateful and selfish and wrong but I am a bit bored today...I really need some adult conversation..."

G Kisby rang to find me sat on a bench, Mabel finally asleep for the first time all day,
"Argh that sounds nice"
"It's not. It's wet, I'm knackered. I'm sitting here till she wakes up then at least she will be distracted for another half hour on the walk home"
"Oh no is that what it's come to"
"Sometimes babe, yes it is"

Then today was again very lovely. We spent time with Fee and Granny, visited the 'Good as New' sale at church and returned with some booty (I am obsessed with buying second hand toys - only the ones that I can Flash wipe you realise). I have left my lovely vintage typewriter with Fee who has promised that I can have it back once photographed (hmmm...)

Mabel is showing the first signs of some attachment issues this week. Smiles are no longer on offer for people she doesn't know, we have crying when I leave the room and her arms now go up when she wants lifting (which is most of the time, I am desperately trying to avoid her thinking she can be carried constantly).

She is getting better at sitting up all the time and is still enjoying her porridge. Today she had her first try at some fruit (I do know we should start with veg but I hadn't prepared any and a banana was close to hand. Oh no, it is only the first week...)

And even though we do still have difficult days she continues to be the best fun and we still both stand in her bedroom every night staring at her sleeping, giddy with just how lucky we are!


  1. JR called Russell - brilliant!
    You can have your (extremely) beautiful typewriter back if you can find it.....mwaaa ha ha haaaaaa
    fee x
    ps Mabel has stopped smiling for ME, nevermind strangers! mind you, true to form, she loved my rendition (with minor dance routine) of 'Girl' by Destiny's Child!!!

  2. re P**n...
    please don't sully MY blog with your references!!!! clean cut over at chipper nelly

  3. It always sounds so idyllic being home with a baby all day so this post kept me in check a bit. I know it's tough sometimes. Can I just say that I am crazy about your glasses. Crazy about them. I would ditch my contact lenses if I could find a cool pair like that, you look so fab. Also, whilst I'm on the gushy stuff, I really love the way you write. Are you a writer by profession? (I may have asked this before, I often think it when I read your blog). xx


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