Monday, 25 July 2011

I love a good wedding!

So we have just had the most gorgeous weekend.

We had my uni friend Cat up to stay on Friday night, who we don't see nearly enough now that she lives in London. Unfortunately I fell asleep on the sofa about 10.30 but there are only a few friends that you can do that with and I love how we can not see each other for months and still feels like it was last week...

Then on Saturday we had a fab time at the wedding.

Vicki and Dave looked so so in love, the weather was lovely and we even did some dancing (I can't remember the last time, how much fun is dancing!)

The day started slightly hectic - we decided to finish getting ready in our room at the venue but then didn't nearly leave ourselves enough time to do so. I pretty much applied lipstick with one hand whilst pulling on Mabel's tights with the other. Will we ever learn? I also had to admit to G Kisby in the car that 'trying on her dress to check it fits' had slipped my mind. Luckily it did.

Vicki walked down the aisle to an instrumental of 'One Day Like This' by Elbow which was very moving. I realised, out of the corner of my eye, that G Kisby was gulping back tears.
"What the hell, you didn't cry at your own wedding, what is wrong with you?" I whispered somewhat bitterly.
That soon put an end to any emotion. I find a harsh word or two does wonders to ruin a moment (I was still going on about it 3 hours later).

Mabel was very popular and received lots of attention (you do start to wonder what on earth you spoke about prior to having children). She found it all a bit much (alongside the lack of sleep) towards the end of the day but generally enjoyed herself and I even got to see most of the ceremony. I did try to remove my crows feet from the bottom picture but it was just too difficult - ha ha
 I also got to wear the beaded cuff from my own wedding - I've been waiting for an occasion to do so ever since. It was handmade by a lovely lady called Rachel whose website I now can't find but will keep looking for because she was fab...

 Then finally yesterday we had a lazy day (I tried to have 'sympathy' post wedding blues but G Kisby put an end to that idea pretty swiftly) which concluded with a walk to our local park where there was an 'open air concert' (which we found in Yorkshire means a brass band playing)

There were loads of old people who'd brought their own deck chairs and set up camp. Love it. The music was fab and the atmosphere really friendly, loads of families sat having picnics, as we walked around the park in the sunshine. It made me smile that in a modern age where we blog & tweet there is still an appetite for a nice open space and a good old band stand. Some things never change...


  1. Mabes looks like a punky spider! Ace!

  2. You all look gorgeous!!

    Lol @ you putting a stop to any unmanly displays of emotion - I'd still be going on about that when you're in your nursing home together if I were you!!

    Love the beaded cuff!!

    S x

  3. Ha ha!! So agree with you - harsh words always put a stop to any sentimental snivelling.

    The cuff is gorgeous (please remember where you bought it) but I love your hat/headband/whatever it's called. So cool, you look smokin'. Mabel and GK also look fab - what a stylish family you make.

    Nicki xx

  4. Yes I agree with all of the above. I LOVE that pearl cuff, it's exquisite and I bet it makes any outfit look a million dollars - would like to see your whole outfit.
    Can't believe you also have lush long red nails...mine are horrific. How do women have long nails AND babies.....I don't understand!!!
    Glad you had a great time

  5. Love your blog, it really makes me smile and chuckle, your pearl cuff is very pretty indeed.

    Wonderful photo of Mabel and DK, lucky you


  6. You glamour puss! Loving' yer head gear!


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