Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Developing communication...

I read some interesting stuff on the development of communication in children tonight. Most of it will be more useful when Mabel gets older but worth logging for future use if nothing else.

'Hello',a campaign highlighting the importance of communication in children run by the Communication Trust, has some good free resources:

Talking Point also has resources, a nice tracker for what your child should be doing at various ages as well as tips on how as a parent you can support their development:

Mabel turned 6 months old at the weekend...

She is now sitting up on her own pretty confidently, grabs everything she can get her little hands on and does a reverse worm action across the room on her back (may be something to do with the fact I don't ever remember to do tummy time. No not because I don't want to encourage crawling, honestly).

She loves being tickled, likes a good fright and continues to laugh in the face of daytime sleeping (despite not coping well with being tired).

We have also just spotted that her first tooth has come through on the bottom!

Our little munchkin has been out in the world a whole half a year...where on earth has that time gone?


  1. This is a really lovely post. Such cute photo's!

    You make me look bad when it comes to reading all the parenting information! I just don't get round to it.. I'm in an NCT group of friends with babies the same age and I tend to just compare what all the babies are up to and see whats normal that way. I really should just read the books though! I'll take a look at those links. :-)

    I'm impressed that Mabel is sitting up all by herself! Rose just launches herself backwards. But if I lay her on her back, it's like she's weighted with sand and she rolls straight over onto her tummy! It's just a shame she hates it on her tummy and can't roll back the other way.. it gets a little tedious continually rolling her back onto her back!

    Congratulations on the tooth! Hope she wasn't too grumpy with it..

    Ashley xxx

  2. Aw little girls are such dolls! Look at Mabel. I think she and Rose should hook up for a bit of Baby Ga Ga time. Such beautiful babies, both of them.
    I never had to time read up on much, I kind of felt my way through it all first time round.
    Enjoy it though, my Princess is nearly 8 and I remember it like it was yesterday.
    x x x

  3. My bit of advice is not to get too caught up in timelines for milestones, it's very easy to start panicking because this book says your baby should be doing x by z and because so and so's baby can do x but yours can't. It'll come to them all - just enjoy them and take the pressure off.

    (Hope that doesn't sound preachy!!)

    You've got an award over at mine today....

    S x

  4. Doesn't time fly! I never pay attention to the development milestones since my eldest son has developemental problems and my middle son is freakishly ahead of the game. 3 years old and rides his bikes no hands...and no stabilizers. Actually he was doing this at two and a half. Terrifying. So who know where the baby will fit in! So I shall use Mabel as my guide as she seems pretty normal despite the bonkers parents and Aunt!!!! Kidding!



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