Thursday, 5 May 2011

Mabel moves rooms - finally

So Mabel no longer fits in her Moses basket. She is quite a long baby and her head is almost touching the end - I know it is time to move into her cot. In fact, I've known this for a while.

My issues are as follows:
a) current guidelines state a baby should stay in your room for 6 months
b) it is easy for me to lean over and grab her for a feed in the night (particularly topical point when she is getting up 2/3 times currently)
c) I worry that she is too little to be on her own yet. O.k so this is my issue, she will be absolutely fine on her own!

One option was to move her cot into our room, however, we can't fit the cot out of her bedroom door now it is made up and actually I do know deep down that the quicker we make the move the better (in that the older she gets the more canny she will be to change).

So tonight we made the move. We fed her up real good (the boobs were luckily having a good day) and put her down. Ten minutes and some serious crying later I was back up cuddling our confused looking baby. So I went completely anti text book and comforted her with food before trying again, this time with a very sleepy, eyes hardly open to see where she was, baby. Success! So we'll see how tonight goes...

I was going to go to the Trafford Centre this evening to try and find something to wear for a wedding this weekend. Yep in true last minute fashion I realised I had nothing that fit me. However, with the new room situation I decided I didn't have time so pulled out an old dress, worn when my boobs were about 4 sizes smaller, and tried to ram them in. Without a bra they almost looked o.k. But then this was last thing at night when they are much emptier.

"Can't you just make sure they are drained before we go?" helpfully suggested G Kisby
"Er no, because they will grow again"

Turns out I'm gonna be entering the church looking respectable and leaving taking someones eye out. I'll have to keep feeding her all day for fear that I'll burst out!!!

And one final thought for the day...
It has been sunny for weeks so you'd think I'd be o.k leaving my washing out today? No. It rained. Luckily our lovely neighbour text me to say she'd brought it in for us.
Oh no. It wouldn't be a wash full of baby grows, no, it had to be a wash largely consisting of underwear. Nothing like your neighbour folding up your big post pregnancy knickers...

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  1. Awe, hope she had a good night in her big girl's bedroom. I know we all got a better night's sleep once our kids were out of our room, every snuffle and wriggle used to keep us awake and if we didn't hear a snuffle or a wiggle we'd be looming in over them poking them and then they'd be awake!!

    Nice neighbours you've got to take in your washing although I'm not sure I'd be too impressed at mine handling my smalls (or not so smalls!) ;) x


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