Saturday, 14 May 2011

The bathroom project!

As always, we have taken on far more than we have time for this week.

As you may know, we raced to get our house completed (an 18 month long project..) before Mabel was born, mainly focusing at the end on her room which admittedly was only finished when she was about 4 weeks old (o.k so maybe it was 8 but let's not get pedantic).

The last room to be done was the bathroom but we decided to wait until our little lady was settled in the world before tackling this one.
So about a month ago we decided to get it planned in (good planning intentions you see) -'we'll have ages to get everything bought before then', 'best to get the builder booked in', 'would be good to have it finally all finished' etc etc.

Then as always the dates creep up and before you know it our 'live in' builder Neale has arrived and I am frantically on the internet seeing which bathroom companies deliver next day.

Needless to say due to a combination of my frugality ("if I could just check a few more sites to make sure we have the very best price, oh no look there it is for £2 less, I'll have to get it from there instead", G Kisby sighs loudly) and my inability to check detail ("I didn't realise that this bath won't fit taps", "a plug? I thought a plug would come with the sink", "ooh xxxx I forgot about flooring") the week has been less than straightforward for us or Neale (lovely Neale is unbelievably patient with my issues, we feed him well to keep him happy!)

Added to that the fact that our longstanding dispute with the garage has meant that I am still 'carless' most days and have now ended up persuing a claim through the small courts, and also that I can't help myself but start yet another project, this time in the form of a dolls house (a blog post in itself so I'll come back to this one), I've barely noticed that I haven't showered for days.
Thank God for headbands, decent deodorant and weather that isn't as hot as it was.

Notably I have noticed that I am using a bucket to flush the toilet.

We're not complaining though, we will soon be the lucky owners of a gorgeous new bathroom (I will post some before / after shots)... just as soon as G Kisby gets back from his 7am jaunt to B&Q with our second bath purchase no doubt balancing precariously out the open boot of the car.

Anyone need a new bath? We now have one spare! Oh but it does have a small scratch on it, I didn't check it when it arrived...

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  1. I'm awarding you the 'stylish blogger' award!
    You now have to list 7 interesting facts about yourself then pass it on to someone else (see my current post!)
    More photos on your blog please...
    fee x


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