Sunday, 15 May 2011

A dolls house for Mabel

We have a charity shop in the village which occasionally has some interesting finds.
This week I passed by and spotted a wooden dolls house which I then couldn't stop thinking about.

So on Friday I head back to buy said dolls house for £20 - bargain!

It is clearly homemade (which makes me like it even more) and in need of some renovation. Nothing that some paint, papers and a bit of adornment won't fix.

G Kisby looked at me with an, 'argh man where the hell is that going to go and how long is it going to be in the kitchen while you find time to do it' face.

However, but half an hour later I heard him telling Mabel all about her new house in the sitting room and when I came to move it later found that some furniture organisation had already taken place in my absence...

When I went to take this picture I started moving it all back in a true 'Monica from Friends' fashion, muttering to myself, 'the bed does not go on the ground floor and why is it all lined up round the ages...'

Poor Mabel, there's no hope! What with OCD dad getting it all in straight lines and control freak Mum wanting it to stay pretty...
Fee at least shared my enthusiasm for what will become our joint project so watch this space!

(Oh and many thanks for my award...I'll get right on to that this week. It may be from my sister who is highly biased but I'll take it anyway!

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