Sunday, 8 May 2011

A couple more 'firsts'

So this weekend Mabel had a couple more 'firsts' to add to her list - her first wedding and first sleep away from home.

On Friday we travelled down to Newbury for our friends Phil and Emily's wedding, which was really lovely. Is there anything nicer than spending a day in the sunshine at a gorgeous manor house in the countryside, sharing in one of the happiest days of a friend's life?

For her night away we decided to invest in a NScessity travel cot which is fab.
It is a travel cot (with blackout), sun tent (with UV) and play tent all in one. Really light (so will go in our luggage for Spain) and goes up in seconds.
She is a little small for it right now but it will do till she is 4 so we felt it was worth the investment - she seemed to like it!

For the wedding itself someone had forgotten to mention to her about being quiet in church and a sharp exit was required but considering she didn't sleep all day and there was loads going on she actually did really well. I, on the other hand, made a serious error of judgement.

I mentioned previously about forcing my boobs into a dress which was now 4 sizes too small at the top. Well, it turned out to be a really bad idea.

I managed to find a necklace which hung handily over my ridiculously 'on show' cleavage and when I tried it first thing it was fine and seemed to help matters. But I hadn't thought about the very real need for breast pads nor for the fact that they would just kept growing.
With all the extra stimulation recently from our very hungry baby by the time we went to leave the hotel they were absolutely massive. And not only that, the right one was way bigger than the left and had started to eat said necklace.

So just to add a little extra challenge to my day, I had both my boobs and my baby to try and control. I also completely underestimated how difficult it would now be to get said knockers out of my very revealing dress. Easy you would think? Not so due to the severe tightness so we had to find very discreet places for me to breastfeed. 9 times I fed Mabel to try and keep them in but try as I might I watched helpless as my boobs took over and rose towards my chin. The extra feeds just seemed to aggrevate them further!

G Kisby was put on boob watch (not that he could miss them, nor could anyone else - I kept noticing people struggling to focus on my face). I knew they were bad when I whispered to him over the meal (necklace off by this point, somehow Mabel could find it in the bosom and kept trying to strangle me with it), "are they getting worse, can you see a nipple?" and he glanced down and had to supress a laugh before replying, "er no babe, they're fine". Harsh.

As we left the venue at 7ish to take our tired baby home and I walked towards the car I heard a snap. Yep the dress gave up and the right boob just popped right out there. Thank goodness we weren't staying for the evening entertainment or I'd have been providing some entertainment of my own!

A baby shield to hide the knockers...

And talking of firsts, the first night in her own bed was absolutely fine and she seemed to sleep as least as well as she did in her moses basket (that is, still getting up about every 3 hours). Not sure the same could be said for G Kisby with the level that I insisted on having the monitor on next to the bed, both doors open and me saying, "was that her?" roughly once every few hours, but hey ho.

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  1. shame you didn't stay...sounds like you would have BEEN the evening entertainment!
    Fee x
    (re necklace eating/reaching chin, welcome to my world!!! Not nearly as much fun as it looks )


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