Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Never too early to read...

We received some money a few weeks ago as a gift for Mabel and have since been deciding what to spend it on. We decided on some new books!
We hope that she will enjoy reading in the future as much as we do. There is lots of evidence showing the benefits of reading to children right from a young age - Al had a good post on his blog recently on this very
subject (

A couple that have been particularly popular are Dinosaur Roar - fab with bright pictures and Tadpoles Promise - a great story that I may be enjoying more than her currently but I'm sure she will love in time (thanks Pam and Ray, she will enjoy them for years to come).
Dinosaur Roar! PBTadpole's Promise

Talking of lovely things, check out this thing of beauty. Knitted as a gift by Jude, Amy's mum. Loving the colours!

Mabel is getting much better at holding her head up and we are trying to do 'tummy time' every day. Supposedly it is important to help her neck muscles and work towards crawling (not sure that I'd be promoting the latter any time soon mind)

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  1. Hi.just popped over from another blog and can definitely recommend Dinosaur Roar. My son (now 11) had this book and it was one of his many faves.
    Your little girl is adorable!
    Enjoy your Sunday.
    Lisa x


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