Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Baby signing fun...

Mabel and I have been attending baby signing classes and it is great fun.

Apparently babies can sign from as early as 5 months and it is good for helping with toddler frustration when trying to communicate. I love the idea that prior to being able to talk she will be able to sign.
Our NCT friend Amanda leads the Tinytalk classes (http://www.tinytalk.co.uk/amandaru/) and if I could now just remember to keep doing the signs then we'd be away. The classes use songs to introduce the signs so Mabel loves it and it's also really nice to meet other parents over a coffee at the end.

A particular favourite sign is that for breastmilk, basically the hand gesture for milking a cow next to your boob. How apt. I have decided not to do it next to my boob, I really don't need any more attention drawn to my puppies in public.

It is becoming ever more trixy to breastfeed discretely when out at the moment since Mabel is far too interested in what is going on and so easily distracted.
At times I've had to give up on my trusty breastfeeding scarf (www.mamascarf.co.uk/) since she just fights with it and ends up in a huge tangle and she has started a new habit of throwing her head back and spitting out a nipple, with the intention of checking out the waitress. Good o, just what you want, at the exact moment you require some discretion you have a full boob, nipple dripping with milk, just hanging right out there. 

I'll be sure to record when she does her first sign...hopefully soon!

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