Thursday, 26 May 2011

Time for holidays!!!

Ever wondered whether it's a good idea to take a 4 month old on a 3 hour flight?

We're about to find out...I'm really hoping to report back something positive.

If not, I'll be popping to the toilet and muttering under my breath en route,
"who on earth brings a baby on a flight, I'm glad I'm not sat with them..."

Dummy - check
Distracting toys - check
Adult to child ratio - check
Nipple if all else fails - oooh yes

I'm not gonna lie to you...I'm nervous!

1 comment:

  1. All will be well and I am sure you will have a fab time. Don't know where you are heading but I am sure baby will have a great fuss made of her when she gets there. Calpol sachets might be an idea just in case she gets a bit of earache. Sure you have thought of it but thought I would say.


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