Thursday, 19 May 2011

'I've not fed Mabel'!!!

Ever since Mabel has been born I've had a pretty regular / almost nightly wake up, which annoyingly is not to feed her.'s to try and find her!

When I get up to feed in the night our routine is for me to bring her into our bed, prop myself up, gulp a pint of water and read my book whilst she guzzles away, often without even opening her eyes.

However, almost without fail at some other point in the night, I will wake with a jolt thinking that I am breastfeeding and that she is still in the bed. This results in one of two things;
a) I frantically search around the pillows, under the covers, arms wailing everywhere
b) I randomly pat (try to pick up?) G Kisby's head thinking it is Mabel. No idea why it is his head.

I'm thinking you don't really want to wake up to someone attacking your head. Luckily G Kisby is often so sleepy, or perhaps so used to this random event, that he simply turns over and tries to escape from the crazy.

I have even woken up once, half sat up, cradling a pillow. Luckily I didn't have my boob out, that would have been too weird. Oh God what if I try to feed G Kisby's head?!?

I'm guessing it might be pretty common when you feed in bed during the night (or that's what I'm telling myself) and is clearly a subconscious fear of falling asleep feeding her.

This morning it moved to a new level. When G Kisby woke with his alarm I sat bolt upright and shouted with panic, "I've not fed Mabel".

The noise obviously woke me up and my brain caught up with my mouth.
I'd been up at 3am...there's no forgetting that!


  1. Oh no! I already do this with my kittens - thinking they're in bed with me. I wake up looking for them - even turn the light on. Mind you, I did this before they were even given free range of the house and do it even when our door is closed and it's absolutely impossible for them to get in. Now you've got me terrified as to what's going to happen when the baby comes!

  2. You'll be searching the cupboards - ha ha (I wouldn't be surprised if I start that next).

    I think it is because at our NCT group we talked for a while about the safety of sleeping with your baby and it really got stuck in my head as an irrational fear, sure you won't be so crazy!
    Nelly x


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