Monday, 23 May 2011

Wooo she turns!

After a lovely day with some of our favourite people in one of our favourite shops (John Lewis, I swear if I asked them to watch Mabel for me while I shopped they wouldn't say no), tonight Mabel reached another milestone in the form of a flip. O.k  the term flip might be going a bit far, basically she turned over!!!
G Kisby was upstairs doing a nappy change whilst I was sneakily shoveling down a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes prior to tea (blaming the hunger on breastfeeding, naturally).

I heard him shout me so quickly hid the evidence and nipped up to see what drama was unfolding. I found Mabel, in the nuddy, right on her side reaching out for a toy which G Kisby was holding just out of reach.

Apparently she had been on the floor when he moved to another part of the room and she had tried to follow him (just with her eyes you realise, I'm not suggesting she now walks) which resulted in a 'near' roll.   

"She's gonna go" I was informed, and he was right.

What? I have been spending hours encouraging her to roll and she hasn't got close. I'm sure she already has me wrapped round her little finger,
"Roll to the toy Mabel" I try to motivate her
"As if, give it 30 seconds and you'll pass it to me", she thinks. And she'd be right.
I was actually really pleased that we both got to experience this 'first'.

So we both lay on the floor, like real first time parents (do you even notice your second?), encouraging her to push herself over. After a while G Kisby lost patience and gave her a shove so that she flopped onto her front. However, not deterred she then started to push onto her back and whooop she made it on her own. We popped her back and she did it again, this time with a little more pace meaning that she got a real fright when she ended up off the towel facing a different direction.

Just prior to 4 months and her first turn, well done Mabes (I obviously then declared that I always knew she'd be advanced - ha ha)

Her hand movements have also improved loads in the past week or so. Our lovely friend Alison was too kind and gave us a new play mat with lots of new hanging toys. She absolutely loves it and uses both hands to get them into her mouth. She will also now reach out to grab a toy from you rather than you having to put it near to her hand and is starting to realise that she has feet (mustn't that be bizarre).

Here she is showing off her dual hand skills:

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