Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Sleeping regime - Day Two

So I'm pretty sure I have tried some of this before and failed - maybe it is just that she is getting bigger - but today has been a great success on the daytime nap front.

Day 2 of the new sleeping regime and Mabel is currently having her second nap. That's right, second nap of the day! And both have been up in her cot which is absolutely unheard of.

I do know I am part of the problem, I see the hand chewing, hear the start of a grizzle and I think, "but she has only been up a couple of hours - is that right" and wait another half hour until she is past tired before trying to put her down. Which I now realise is definitely not the way forward.

So today I have been trusting my instincts and it seems to be working. Step away from the baby.

Now if I could just stop myself checking on her every half an hour....(even as I wrote this I thought I'd just nip up one more time and have now managed to stir her with the door opening. Serves me right).

Only a separate note we had to have bath time downstairs this week (Mabel that is, not me and G Kisby) which resulted in some naked tummy time on a big towel in the sitting room. I can't remember the last time she had time on her tummy naked so the experience must have felt really new.
We've been having major tears upon exiting the bath so also started a new routine of sitting her up and drying her head before lifting her out into a sitting position in the towel. We now get this face but no tears which is an improvement:

She was loving G Kisby rolling her from front to back and the time out of that nappy!

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