Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Be like a child and jump!

Ahhh, lazy second breakfast of crusty bread and jam with good coffee by the pool, the making of a good holiday.

Mabel is having a great time being entertained by her cousins and has been on great form. We are realising that there are a few things which make your holiday much easier with a young baby...a fully covered veranda area with a light wind, plenty of relatives who love a good cuddle and air conditioning.

The kids are absolutely loving the pool and this holiday has reminded me that sometimes it pays to connect with your inner child. Up until yesterday, aside from G Kisby, no adults had been in the pool yet. For me this was a combination of fear that it was too cold and worry that my hair would turn a nice shade of green. Unfounded fears and sensible thinking take away the fun which as a child you have so often. So when the boys encouraged me to jump in, I decided to be a little more spontaneous, put on my swimmers and head to the pool edge. I was laughing so hard when the cold water hit me that it went right up my nose and made me choke, too too much fun. We then used the boys as human cannon balls which really tested again my pelvic flaw (glad the pool cleaner has arrived this morning). The boys loved it and so did we (though back on a more sensible note I really must check those pictures G Kisby was taking, I'm all for fun but there's no need to be reminded of how many stomach exercises I've not done when an inappropriate picture pops up on a screen saver no doubt in the company of friends).

Something I think we coulld all benefit from doing a little more (connecting with our inner child that is, not checking for inappropriate pictures). When I next start giving excuses for not getting involved / weighing up the health and safety risks / thinking about the mess or consequences, I'm going to consider what I'd do as a child.

And if its dive right in...I'm there!


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