Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sun, sangria and...sleep!!!

Ooh this week is going so quickly, why is that always the way.

We continue to have a lovely holiday and for some reason, not sure if it is the heat or perhaps the large glass of sangria at lunchtime, but Mabel is liking her sleep. Unheard of I know. Prior to coming away we worried that changes to her routine may be a problem when in fact, being flexible with a routine appears to have paid off in this instance. She is having two decent naps a day, largely in her pram, with no tears whatsoever. G Kisby has the knack when it comes to a good pram rock.

She has had a bit of an eye infection in both eyes but we've been flushing it with cool boiled water regularly and it has started to clear up. I think we might have caused it, she had watery eyes from a bit of a cold and stupidly (I now realise) we used the muslin to wipe them. Turns out it's not so clever to wipe your babies eyes with a cloth covered in milk and dribble. You live and you learn. 

The weather hasn't been great for a few days but actually that is less of a problem with Mabel, shading your baby from the sun constantly is a bit of a challenge so a bit of cloud isn't an issue.

I'm trying to avoid thinking about how long we have left in this little bubble of sunshine and fun. It has been so so good having G Kisby around to help with babycare and you just know that this nap time success is not going to continue once back in Huddersfield. I'll find it hard not to think it's something I am doing. Oh well, best not to think of that yet, 3 more full days to go!

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