Thursday, 9 June 2011

Everyone should do this!

Bizaarely only last week we were discussing how technology has really changed the way we can log milestones etc.

You forget so much as a new parent, mainly the tough times I think which is probably a good thing, but only recently did I look back at my post about Mabel's arrival into the world and it brought back the emotions all over again - which is definitely a good thing!

I look forward to sharing (most) of my blog with our little lady when she is old enough! My Dad died when I was very little and the idea that in a different era I could have known so much more about him makes me smile (and almost cry). I hope that in amongst the tales and pictures she will have logged somewhere for ever just how much we love her...

Yes it is a Google advertisment but I genuinely think this is a fab fab idea.
And anyone can do it...

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  1. I absolutely love that advert and think it is a fantastic idea! I kind of started my blog for that reason but it definetly gets bombarded with other things doesn't it, where as something like that would just be a letter to your child from you and it would be so lovely! xx


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