Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Way too uncool!

Something has happened to make me much less cool since having a baby. I'm not saying I was cool before, but suddenly, much much less.

Yesterday we walked to the shop with Mabel in the sling. When she is front facing everyone talks to her so we were stopped a couple of times and when paying the shop assistant commented,
"Arhhh someones happy"
To which I replied, with a kind of tut and eyes to the ceiling action and in a voice which just didn't sound like my own,
"For now!"

What???? What am I talking about? What am I, 60?
And what's worse, its not the first time I've said it.
I seem to have developed quite the range of similarly cringe worthy responses.
 For example:
"Fast asleep" = "lets hope it stays that way"
"How old is your baby?" = "4 months" (standard response, need to update that one)
"Isn't he lovely" = "Yes" and a smile

Hmmm, notice the last one.
And it turns out I am not the only one to overlook the quite regular mistake of thinking Mabel is a Micheal (the regular wearing of blue and lack of hair don't help)

G Kisby had a similar issue on the plane last week. Stood near the toilets waiting to do a nappy change a lady starts a conversation:
"Hello gorgeous" (to Mabel this is by the way) "How old is he?"

Now at this point G Kisby should have gone for either,
a) "She is 4 months" - thereby correcting the error with as little embarrasment as possible
b) "It's a girl and she is 4 months" - slightly blunter but gets the point across

What did G Kisby go for?
"4 months" (standard response as above)

Now this wouldn't be so bad, and of course I do empathise, if it wasn't for the fact that G Kisby was stuck in a confined area. Naive error. And so the conversation was able to continue...

"Ooh aren't you lovely" (note: not smiley / happy / content - she was obviously just being polite, we were on the plane at this point)
"Yeah it's not been an easy flight but not long now" replies G Kisby, etc etc. Until...

"What's his name?"

Ooooh no. It was far too late to correct and G Kisby knew it. But can you really carry on pretending your child is the wrong sex?


Interesting. It turns out I am not the only one who has lost a little credibilty since having a baby!


  1. still makes me chickle. Peter....why!?
    fee x

  2. Hello! How nice to meet you, thank you for popping by! That's such a funny story and one that really resonates with me, my daughter's mistaken for a boy all the time (lack of hair is def a hindrance!)
    You're welcome to have the recipe for cordial if you like - had thought about putting it on my 'cake' tab (aka my recipe tab) but thought it might be too late as the flowers are just about finishing now (but funnily enough, have just been on a walk and seen a load of new ones, so maybe not). Just let me know if you'd like it
    Emily x

  3. Hello! Nice to meet you! Thanks for taking a peek at my blog. This post made me laugh, love that the name Peter came out of nowhere. Ha! I'm the same and I do things now when I realise I sound like an old lady. Is Mabel the real name of your daughter or a made up one for the purposes of blogging? Either way I love it. It's my late great-grandma's name, who I adored.

    Going to follow your blog so that I can keep in touch, we've got quite a lot in common. (I am a huge Kylie fan, love fashion and crafting and especially love food.)

    Pop by again soon!

    Nicki xx

  4. Hello again - just to let you know I've posted the recipe for cordial for you on my 'cake' tab (think I probably need to rename it now as I've also got soup on there!) Enjoy!
    Emily x

  5. Me again... hanging around like a bad smell.... Thanks for the comment on my blog, just wanted to say YES YES YES I love our breadmaker. It is really easy to use. You just follow the recipe book that comes with it and heap all of the ingredients in order on top of each other into the pan, stick it in the machine, select which programme you need and hey presto. Couldn't be easier. It looks quite nice too. I think it was voted best in Which magazine (or something) when we got ours... it had a little sticker on it saying so!

    Nicki xx


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