Saturday, 18 June 2011

The heady days of a summer in France...

Emily, who writes the lovely blog Unravelled did a post this week about some bunting she'd made for her tent - they are attending a family friendly festival this summer (very jealous).

It made me really miss camping, I can't wait until we can take Mabel to experience sleeping outdoors. Just not sure how old she needs to be before we take the plunge..

And I love the idea of making your tent that little bit prettier.

Four years or so ago we decided (admittedly on a bit of a whim, after a little too much cold white wine sat outside a lovely pub on a summers evening) to give up our jobs and go travelling around France for the summer. We didn't really think through the full consequences (do we ever?) but it was one of the best decisions we ever made. And occasionally don't we all need a little spontaneity?

We literally went from North to South, in our little Punto (called Billy) with a tent and a copy of Alistair Sawdays 'Special Places to Stay' (for odd nights of relative luxury in a Chambre D'hote).
We stayed in each campsite for as long as the sun shone and the local places to see kept us interested.

We cooked up cheap fantastic food from the local markets, drank tons of cheap but delicious wine, visited some gorgeous villages and met lots of lovely people along the way.

And every time we put up our tent, the last thing we did before opening said wine, was to hang a little heart on the front...

I hope when Mabel is older and wants to make a decision which may not be the most sensible financially (or otherwise) we will remember this trip and encourage her to take a risk and live life for the moment. We did and it has given us loads of really happy memories.

And in the meantime I can't wait to introduce her to the joys of a BBQ, a campfire, sitting / playing outside in that lovely evening sun, and all with a very pretty tent!


  1. I think there is little in life that can't be improved by hearts and bunting!

    What a fab summer you must have had...wish we'd done that pre kids, ah well, we'll just have to drag them along with us!!


  2. How lovely! I wish I'd taken time out to travel for a whole summer, it sounds perfect. The top photo looks as though it sums up your whole summer - glasses of wine as the sun sets. Ahhhh.

    I'm getting desperate for sun!! It's just rainy all the time in Northamptonshire!

    Nicki xx

  3. Gawd, that's a bit exciting, having my name as the first word on someone's blog!! Thanks!
    We spent several years travelling pre-children - definitely one of the best things we've ever done. I still get very itchy feet, though somehow it all seems so much more complicated with three children... (oooh, you've set me off reminiscing now, sigh)
    Emily x

  4. what? no credit for the giving of said heart to hang on said tent so that you would always think of us???

    Thinking Mabel is old enough THIS very summer - fancy Devon?
    Lets make a date tomorrow
    fee x
    STOP nicking my friends!


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