Tuesday, 28 June 2011

5 months old!

Our bambino turned 5 months old at the weekend. She has changed so much recently.

She is now starting to practise sitting up and using her bumbo,

She will actually sit through and enjoy hearing a good story
 (her current favourite is Monkey Puzzle - thanks Alison)

She is getting more wriggly by the day and now turns over much more regularly.
She has also found her feet and has started sucking her big toe, lovely! I still find it funny to imagine not realising you have a part of your own body...

 She will chuckle but it takes a bit of work. I got one recently whilst singing the power ballad classic 'Eternal Flame' (harder than you'd think to sing well) which was on VH1 'Sonia's Ladies of the 80's'. Not sure what is more worrying, the fact I was viewing such a programme or that Mabel found it funny. She was no doubt laughing at not with me.

 She has started to show preferences for certain things - she loves her dinosaur towel when getting out the bath (no idea why) and 'Agadoo' never fails to get a smile.

And she continues to fascinate, amuse, test and delight us on a daily basis!


  1. beautiful pictures! missing her this week....
    fee x
    (just remembered she'll be here Friday!)

  2. Such lovely photo's! This blog will be so special to be able to look back on in years to come.. :-)

    What a gorgeous girly! She looks about the same age as Rose. When was she born?

    Thanks for taking the time to write such a lovely long comment on my blog, it was so nice to read. I think it does help sometimes to know that other new mum's have their little difficulties as well..!

    Ashley xxx

  3. It's so weird what they decide they like. Belinda is very excited about the curtain pole in her room.

  4. hi, your little girl is gorgeous i'm going to sound so boring now but treasure those gorgeous little moments my daughter is almost 15 and cant believe where the time is gone ,so independant now i feel a bit redundant :( . On the zumba thing do go and try i went with a friend we love it and time goes so quick and wears you out in a fun way i always come out in a feel good mood x sarah

  5. Ah, gorgeous girl - what a star.
    Re OCD with the blanket - I used to be almost obsessively clean and tidy BEFORE I had kids, but I've now realised that with three, I have to let things go or I'd end up huddled in a corner rocking backwards and forwards with a bottle of wine clutched in my sweaty hands. You've gotta laugh or you'd cry...
    Emily x


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