Tuesday, 21 June 2011

An edible gift is just the nicest!!!

At the weekend we had friends over for dinner (homemade curry, sorry Mabel, it turns out I just can't give it up).

And we received the gift of a home made banana loaf cake.

Now this isn't just any banana loaf cake - it is definitely one of the nicest cakes I've ever had. It has an excellent texture (slightly gooey in the middle but with crunchy walnuts), isn't too sweet (no icing) and I think should probably count as one of your 'five a day' since it contains bananas?

We have been baked one before by Matt (off've our good friends Amy and Matt) and since it was so good I attempted to make it myself but it didn't come close (he must have written it down wrong, it can't have been that I skipped out parts of the instructions due to my low boredom threshold surely...)

Perhaps it never does taste as good when you make it yourself?
Last night as we sat down with a cup of tea and a large slab of banana cake to watch Andy Murray it got me thinking...

 A cake is such a lovely lovely gift to receive. It takes thought, time, effort and not forgetting monetary cost, and the receiver is given days (depending on how hungry you are) of homely, comforting joy as a result.

We may be huge food fans but surely no-one can be unhappy with the gift of cake?

So thank you Matt, you are definitely still my 'favourite' (result of a very dodgy game, best not played after alcohol or indeed at all, re- which member of the couple is your favourite. Don't deny it, we all have one. We would just rarely say it out loud. Luckily in our case Amy is G Kisby's favourite and vice versa so everyones fine with it...I hope...do you think that might have been our last cake?!?)

It is a Nigella recipe if you feel the need to spread some cake love yourself... (though I wish you luck, please don't tell me if it comes out perfectly)


  1. Banana Loaf is the best.........and I agree........a homemade cake given as a gift is the best thing ever to receive!

    Have a fab day!

    Vanessa xxx

  2. not sure I'm liking how far up the ranking Matts cake seems to be appearing - surely I'm #1, 2 and 3?
    We once played that game with S and A - thank goodness one of them said each of us, otherwise I think my lip might have gone all wobbley. SUCH a dangerous game to play - especially with such honest friends!
    Can't believe we sat out in the garden yesterday - it's (literally) winter here. Even went out with socks on (visible)...should I be worried that comfort is coming well above style?

    fee x
    ps - think you should give up the cake making - recipes and instructions just not for you. Play to your strengths!!!
    pps might stay over at your on friday?

  3. I have a plantation of over ripe bananal's (as we say in Brizzol) in my freezer. Time to bake!

    I'll lie to you if they are perfect. But knowing me I'll forget I was going to bake as I'm off to the HV to get the fatty baby weighed. They better not tell me off for over feeding him. I don't, he barely takes his bottles but he is just a whopper! I've avoided them all for months now so better show I'm a caring mother....


  4. That looks absolutely yum! I made a 'cosy cake' at the weekend; this decision was based solely on its name - what's not to love??
    Emily x


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