Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Fathers day revisited

Only a couple of days late I thought it best to mention G Kisby's first Fathers Day.

We started the day with a large bacon and mushroom 'barm' (as we say up North). I attempted to skip past the fact that I had asked G Kisby what he wanted for his special breakfast and he had said 'smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on a bagel' (I had forgotten and had to do a last minute dash to the co-op - needless to say smoked salmon was then pushing it).

Mabel almost almost started the day one eye down since I thought it a good idea to let her hold the card and pass it to G Kisby in bed. I had worried about how wet it was getting but not the corners - ah that common sense thing lets me down yet again.

We (o.k so it was more me than Mabel) hadn't finished making the gift either, but did provide a token in the meantime in the form of a slightly novelty mug (which I think is o.k since it matches our kitchen).

The other part to the gift was finished on Monday in the Chipper Nelly workshop, where if I am really honest, Fee pretty much did it for me. G Kisby had wanted a photo for his desk at work so we did a wooden block which will stand nicely by any laptop!

(sorry the photos aren't great tonight)

We then visited G Kisby's dad for lunch which was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

I asked G Kisby if he'd like to tell me something nice to put on the blog for Mabel to read when she's older. He replied that he, "couldn't think of anything funny right now". I did try to tell him that sincere would work but he wasn't having any of it. Probably for the best since last time we talked about the advantages of being a parent one of his highlights was that 'families with young children' get to board the plane first. Ironic really (and very much not true Mabel!)

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  1. right e o!
    Mug - when you say 'slightly novelty' do you mean novelty? or not? can't have it both ways on that one I'm afraid say the novelty police. Don't be ashamed - you bought a novelty mug for your coolest of cool husbands...that's fine. Slightly fine.

    I'm also having a little chuckle at the line 'pretty much did it for me'? Ah, it's a blow when your family not only read your blog, not only comment, not only spell check, but also pick up on those little misdemeanors!!!! I'd like you to call later and we can discuss exactly which bit you did. (aside from supply the photo!)

    still loving how we managed to be last on that plane. In fact we flamin' delayed that plane in our lateness!
    And while I'm here your wish to see my post about chasing ducklings around the village nearly came true - more later!
    fee x


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