Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Ooh not sure I should admit this?

So I'm just going to come out and say I sat Mabel in front of Cbeebies.

Please don't judge me, I had loads to do (is that what they all say?)

We go to Spain in 2 days and in our true unorganised fashion I have no idea what time the flights are, I'm not sure if we even have a suitcase (must get up into the loft and check tonight) and still need to confirm we need a baby car seat upon arrival.

So today I had a long list and Uncle Mark due to arrive with his boys for a play. After a tough night Mabel went back down for a nap first thing which left me dashing frantically around the house in what I knew was borrowed time. After about 45 mins she was wide awake so I brought her downstairs and popped her on the playmat while I tried to finish what I was doing but she was not so easily pleased,
"Just a minute", "I'm just coming" - I swear I say that about 10 times a day.
If I could...just....have....10 minutes - so in a moment of weakness I reached for the remote and pulled over her bouncer.

Job was a flaming good'un. I passed her a toy which promptly fell out of her hand as she stared, completely mesmerised, at the random coloured cartoon like affair on tots tv. I gained at least 20 minutes...

I don't even feel bad. Though I've not mentioned it to G Kisby yet.

"So what exactly is the problem with watching cbeebies?" I asked Mark Bryce
"Well, you do find that in the afternoon they repeat the morning programmes"
Hmm, not quite what I was asking!

Then on the same day I made a second error of judgement at the soft play centre. Whilst playing with Sonny (aged 1) amongst the play equipment I stupidly helped / pushed him through some soft 'rollers', you know like the ones you'd get in an old style car wash. Not unlike the picture here. 

He turned and looked back to check I was following. 'Ahhh, not sure I can fit through there' is what went through my head, and should have been followed up with, "Sonny come back this way".

But no. I decided to give it a go. So my top half just about got through, all be it squashing my boobs in the process, but my bum got stuck. I was left dangling with my legs hanging out and I know full well there were other adults in the area.

You know the feeling when you try on somebody elses ring and then it doesn't want to come off your finger again. Same sort of panic but mixed with complete embarrassment.
I squirmed and pushed and somehow managed to pull myself through with absolutely no decorum. I swear I saw a guy withold a laugh as I tried to get out of there.

I have a lot to learn on the old play centre front!


  1. a post title like that really makes me sweat - so glad to see it was just Cbeebies! Was expecting you to say 'sonny was looking after Luca and mabel so me and mark went to costa for a nicer coffee!!!'
    Ok, maybe not that bad...but TV? it's your saviour. And if you keep up your standards and minimise it it can be the golden nugget for the next 5 years!
    2 sleeps to go
    (go see my blog for the nicest wrapping you have E V E R seen,,,)
    fee x

  2. Don't sweat the small stuff. CBeebies isn't that bad, at least there are no commercials or American accents! Have a great holiday! X


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