Saturday, 30 April 2011

A right royal party!

I wasn’t hugely excited about The Wedding until Friday morning but by the time it started I was completely obsessed and caught up in the fairytale. I'd suddenly realised that we will probably never watch such an event again in our lifetime. It is the kind of moment that you will remember where you were when it happened in years to come. We'll tell Mabel that we watched it with her Granny Babs and that she was just over 3 months old.

I adored the lace on Kate's wedding dress, was mesmorized by the strangely old fashioned yet somehow endearing traditions (imagine courtseying to your mother in law) and LOVED how genuinely happy they looked later in the day driving through London in an Aston Martin.
Controversially I also liked the outfits of those slightly wayward princesses, I can’t help but love a bit of Vivienne Westwood (

We then spent a lovely afternoon at one of the Milton’s legendary all day drinking parties...hmmm something seems to have changed?
Paul's birthday 2009:

Paul's birthday / royal wedding party 2011:

 ....think it might be called our 30’s.

Mabel could not stop smiling at Jess (Phil & Claire’s little girl). Maybe she knew that’s where most of her hand me downs have come from (although she did wear a brand new dress to the party, bought for her by the lovely Hannah and Wade)

Happy times. Do you think Kate and Will are having 'post wedding' blues yet???

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely day and it's not so bad being 30 something, especially when wee ones start popping out all over the place. x


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