Sunday, 24 April 2011

Wentworth castle

We spent time relaxing and eating chocolate at home today following a couple of very busy days.

On Friday we moved my Mum into her new Granny Flat (see for all the details and photos.

Then yesterday we spent a lovely day with our gorgeous friends Amy and Matt having a picnic at Wentworth Castle. We learnt a couple of things:
a) An electric mobility buggy does not go up large grass verges, the type surrounding a formal garden bed, easily - G Kisby was literally almost in a collision with a speeding granny on said buggy who nearly took Mabel out. Amy and I had a 'school girl' style laughing fit and had to leave the area to the disappointment of the boys
b) Removing the rain cover from the pram, "don't think we'll be needing that today", is never the right choice. We looked like complete new parents on the way back to the car during a sudden down pour trying to walk and hold the sun umbrella over Mabel's head.

We agreed to organise the picnic but they pulled out 2 cold beers and some homemade buns to add to proceedings - very much appreciated

We then came home and enjoyed our first BBQ of the year: butterflied leg of lamb, bean & pea salad and some excellent chimi churri sauce (Leon cookbook, a must have purchase). Enjoyed with a cold glass of wine - lovely!

Just thought I'd mention also, when I got up one morning I found this on the floor and a large mark where it should be on the wall. Hmm, apparently I put on one coat too many (

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