Sunday, 20 March 2011

Nursery last!

So this weekend we did the final bits to complete the nursery, the nice bits like accessorising and actually putting the curtains up.

G Kisby even put a shelf up one night in the week. Not a huge undertaking I hear you is in our house. It took about an hour, and you wonder why this nursery has taken us so long to complete. We were meant to have 2 shelves but somehow the first one ended up right in the middle of the wall leaving no other room,
"I've decided we'll just have one" he said with a limited degree of conviction
 I didn't have the heart to comment.
When he arrived home the other day he commented with surprise,
"Oh look the shelf is still up"
"What were you thinking of putting on it?" he then asked
"Books, that was why we got shelves"
"Yeah, I'd stick to cuddly toys"
It's like the coat rack that, "should probably not have too many coats on it" all over again.

Anyway, here is said shelf, still standing (sitting?) and holding some beautiful (and light) candle holders made by Jane at Teawagontales

 In a changing rooms stylie here is how the room looked when we moved in and how it is now:

I couldn't find a lamp I liked (all disney or too pink) so decided we could do one ourselves. A quick whip up of a fabric corsage has done the trick (I wouldn't normally do matching but since we had spare fabric. The rest is going to be used to make Mabes a pair of bloomers).

These blocks were made by Fee and are lovely as always
( for other gorgeous things)

And of course the curtains were made by me (hooray - using my sewing machine and supervised by Mum)

We still have some further things to add but at least Mabel now has her own bedroom. In a few months when she moves in I am sure she will like it, and in years to come hopefully I'll be teaching her to make corsages! She looked pretty, er, happy?

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  1. looking lovely! and Al has just said that Mabes looks like you in that photo...result!!!
    fee x


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