Monday, 21 March 2011

Mabel finds her smile!

Back to work today for G Kisby after a very lovely sunny weekend. Aside from finishing the nursery we also had a fab day out visiting Hebden Bridge which has some gorgeous shops and cafes (we'd like to live there if it wasn't mainly accessible only by one very busy road).

We learnt that a pram is not that helpful when visiting a small town with quaint shops and unfortunately G Kisby had to stay outside for some of them. In particular I LOVED everything in this lovely light shop (with a limitless budget I would have easily found something for Mabel's room here, in particular look at the fairy lights and tea lights)

 Also this gallery showcased a number of designers that we really liked (they have a blog too)

When it came to eating we really did struggle with the pram and were very indecisive as to how to get round the issue. In the end we walked back to the car and swapped Mabel into her sling in order to visit an organic cafe which was right up our street (cakes to die for, good coffee and roasted veg and homemade hummous sharing platters).

What a lovely day!

And Mabel has finally found her smile (it has been there a while, she has just been working out how and when to use it, that's what I am telling myself anyway, not that she prefers to pout). Mum, as always with her soft scottish dulcet tones, started the ball rolling and now they just keep on coming (ah something in return at last)

Finally, our menu for the week below, sticking to our commitment:
Monday -  Grilled masala salmon and south indian style green beans ('Curry Made Easy' great easy to follow book by Madhur Jaffrey)
Tuesday - Broccoli and sausage all in one ('Leon' - another great cook book)
Wednesday - Chicken with preserved lemon and olives
Thursday - Asian style fried pork meatballs
Friday - Chicken liver pasta


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  1. cute picture - to be fair Mum deserves those smiles - she's so much more patient!
    Food sounds good man - fish finger sandwiches for our tea tonight...class!
    fee x


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