Wednesday, 30 March 2011

A simple case of paranoid parents!

So Mabel had her first injections yesterday. Not a particularly pleasant experience but with G Kisby off work there was plenty of moral support. I did well up slightly when she looked at me in horror as it took place but managed to keep it together and retain some composure.

A lovely walk home in the sunshine and a cup of coffee at the farm shop certainly helped proceedings.

However, at tea time she suddenly became hysterical. She very very rarely screams with such ferocity (during her injections being one of only a couple of times) so this was pretty alarming. After an age (in hindsight probably about 10 mins but time is seriously effected by noise at that level) we tried the 'fall back' option of a soother in the form of a nipple (I know I moved away from this following the 'regain control' regime of week 6, don't judge me).

However, said soother didn't work. She couldn't keep it in her mouth due to the screams, which continued unabated. At this point I really started to worry. Never before has the option of food been unsuccessful at calming her down and G Kisby even admitted this to be the case. We tried changing her nappy and her by now very wet babygrow (excessive saliva issue) to no avail, although we did notice that her leg where the injections had been was very red and swollen.

Force feeding attempt number two had even less success, at which point I suggested we rang NHS direct for advice. 10 minutes or so later, with me following G Kisby round the house (how annoying when you are trying to speak over a crying baby) asking, "what did they say" repeatedly, we had an appointment made with the 'out of hours' surgery at Huddersfield hospital. 

What a relief that she would be checked; I passed Mabes over to G Kisby whilst I went for the wee I had needed about an hour earlier.

Fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on whether you are viewing it from an understaffed NHS perspective) Mabel felt the relief also and fell asleep in G Kisby's arms.
Ahhh, maybe she isn't about to have major organ failure due to an allergic reaction to the injections after all, or if she is she seems pretty o.k with it right now.

We decided to go along anyway, since we'd made the appointment and I was conscious that if she woke and it started again we'd be back to square one. The doctor said about 3 words (not sure it this was because he didn't speak good English or because he was literally flabbergasted at us bringing in a perfectly settled sleeping baby to an out of hours surgery). I think we must have literally had 'new parents' in flashing lights above our heads. He prescribed us, and I'm not sure how he didn't laugh, calpol. Yep, we went to hospital to get some calpol.

Our baby appears to have been suffering with a sore leg which I am happy to report is now fully better and she is back on great form (sleeping no less than 7 hours in a row last night, woo).

Her parents meanwhile were suffering with a small case of paranoia (though I reckon I'd do the same again, is there anything more scary than your child being unwell?)

She is changing loads at the moment. Here she is with her Auntie Vicki:

And yes we are back to dressing her in boys clothes again, but who can resist a striped knitted Gap number?

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