Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Healthy breastfeeding?

We went for a fast walk yesterday, the first real bit of exercise (by real I mean that a shower was required following) that I've done since having Mabel. It did take slightly longer than I expected to feel ready to get going on this again, I could have no doubt started earlier but I do think your body needs a bit of time to recover so up until now have been sticking to the leisurely walk.

Whilst striding around the peaceful local countryside we are lucky to have, I contemplated how healthy in general I am currently. All through my pregnancy I made a huge effort to eat well and managed to do so I think. However, since then things have gone slightly astray.

I voiced this thought to G Kisby last night whilst tucking into a particularly dense farm shop chocolate brownie with a cup of tea;
"I think we should think about giving something up, you know kind of like for lent"
"Ahhh man, I've already given loads up recently" came the reply.
I only had to glance his way with my well rehearsed frown for him to back track on that comment.
"Like what? Didn't lent start last week?" he revised

Can't believe we are even late for lent, is there anything we are organised enough to do on time?

"Well, for a start I think I will give up eating cereal everyday for my lunch" I replied
"Babe, I think lent is quite a serious religious undertaking, cereal denial doesn't quite cut it. Please don't blog that you are giving up cereal for lent..."

So I'm not. Instead, after some discussion, I came up with a new plan, one which doesn't involve
lent or cereal. The main issue appears to be that we have got stuck in a cooking rut, which for 2 people with such a love of food is disappointing but I imagine quite common. We probably have a handful of default meals (prawn pasta, roasted veg pittas etc) which we seem to eat most weeks.  We are too busy, or forgetful to look up new recipes so stick to what we know, which although very tasty is unadventurous, often not that cheap (since doesn't make the most of seasonal or cheaper meats etc) and probably not always that nutritious.

So for 40 days (disclaimer: this has no links to lent) we are going to commit to cooking something different every evening. And we are committing to ensuring that every meal is nutritious and well balanced since Mabel is still 100% dependant on what I eat so it is as important to be healthy now as it was for the last 9 months!

The plan starts on Sunday and I'll blog our menu (we have already done the shopping for this week and it is prawn pasta tonight)...


  1. good plan. We have same issue - made worse by also trying to accommodate three boys, none of whom are fussy, but all of whom have specific likes and dislikes.
    Throw in a low carb requirement and it's a flamin' nightmare!!

    By the way, it's 'nutritious'...fee x

  2. Nice post H B-K. I share your sympathies on the default meals. I will hook you up with some quick & healthy dishes. We (I found them, credit where credit's due) have a few new additions that are simply delicious. Even some of Amy's ridiculous Weight Watchers ones are nice. I'll get Crow to bring them into work for Gaz. Get G Kisby to check out the Waitrose iPhone app in the meantime. Often good stuff on there


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