Saturday, 26 March 2011

The vintage jewellery box - part one

Through various house moves over the years I have kept hold of a few things in a box from my childhood. There is 'yellow rabbit' - the old, very shabby, well loved soft toy, a version of which I'm sure most people had and no doubt still have. 'Pink blanket' holds similar sentimental value (clearly i was very creative with my names as a child). Then there are two jewellery boxes. Nothing particularly special about them, not particularly pretty, but for some reason I haven't been able to throw them away at any point.

I am now really pleased I didn' begins my, 'vintage jewellery box project'.
I love the idea of Mabel having a jewellery box that was once mine (I nearly made her two but then realised I may have another girl at some point, suddenly very aware of second child syndrome). But obviously it will need some work first.

Here it is in its current state:

I also plan to write her a story about the ballerina to go with it. Part two will follow over the weekend.

Mabel was two months old this week (think we now talk in months not weeks?)
Here she is sporting a lovely chinzy babygrow for the occasion:

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  1. Hi Nelly, I landed on your blog via a recommendation from your sister. What a lovely blog it is too, wish mummy blogging had been around when I had my eldest, so much I have forgotten.

    I too had a daughter recently and was going to pass on my childhood jewellery box until a friend surprised me with an exact copy, I blogged about it here

    Your jewellery box looks perfectly fine to me in its current state but I'll be interested to see what you do to it if you're as talented as your sister in the arts and crafts realm.

    Happy blogging! x


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