Thursday, 3 March 2011

Registering our baby...

We went to Calderdale yesterday to register Mabel. Even though they said it would only take 10mins we felt it a bit of an occasion so wanted to go together. The registrar was clinical to say the least and it did indeed take 5 minutes but it was a nice moment and we took some pictures to mark it (I realise I ruin the second one but it is hard to hold the camera yourself). 

At least they provide evidence in later life that she wasn't adopted when she gets to the stage of disliking / disowning her parents during puberty. And yes her cardigan is way to big for her...

We then had our very tasteful friends Sarah and Paul round for tea which was lovely and great for Mabel since she received lots of cuddles and great gifts - is there anything from The White Company that one doesn't covet? Check out her gorgeous new baby grow....

Today I went with Katie and her boys to Trafford for Mabel's first (of many?) shopping trips. I suddenly understand why Trafford is so full of kids, the facilities, may I say, are excellent. We visited the 'breastfeeding' room, not because I care about getting them out in public, but with 3 babies wanting milk at once it seemed a sensible thing to do. It was a very surreal moment sat with Kate in a small toilet like room with 2 open plan 'cubicles' whilst the speaker blasted out directions on what to do 'if you lose any of your party whilst in the Trafford centre' (meet at the customer services centre FYI for those who don't know). Even more surreal when a lady with a crying baby starts hammering on the door and trying to force her way in. A few minutes later she brought back a 'red coat'  (seriously you'd have been quicker finding yourself a seat in a cafe somewhere or going to another set of toilets) and next thing you know said red coat, who had mistaken her job title with upholder of the law, is barging in with an accusatory, "you shouldn't have a man in here." Not exactly sure what she thought was going on since clearly with Kate's twins being fairly vocal the whole time we weren't just using it to hang out. Upon seeing the child to adult ratio she apologised and made her exit promptly telling the lady with her misplaced agression outside to back off since the room was full. Who'd have thought we'd experience breastfeeding gate on a Thursday morning in Trafford.

Anyhow our trip was very successful and with Mabes now managing 3 hours between feeds in the day she was a dream baby. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment we've spent together this week!

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  1. Aaaahh, nelly appreciates the Trafford centre for it's facilities...only a few years away from the beauty of the safety features in a volvo. It happens to us all...and luckily for you I am willing to share the road map!!

    Great story about the red coat, although it took me a while - I genuinely thought you meant a red coat and didn't get it.

    have saved my views on your photo for a private text. Love you, fee x


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