Saturday, 12 March 2011

Picture updates!

We realised today that we haven't taken any pictures of our little lady for at least a week or so which spurred us into action. G Kisby particularly likes this blue stripey baby grow and calls her rumpelstiltskin when wearing it. Do you think he secretly wanted a boy?!?
I finished my fourth book since Mabel was born today, it is another benefit I am finding with breastfeeding since I read through the night feeds to keep me awake. I tend to love reading but get stuck half way through a book which I find tough going, then don't read for months. The most recent one was, 'The hand that first held mine' by Maggie O Farrel. Coincidentally, since G Kisby bought these books for my birthday without knowing much about them, one of the key themes in the latter is motherhood. I almost cried twice whilst reading it which either shows it is a good story or that my hormones are still playing havoc. No, I do think it is a good story, I would recommend it...

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