Monday, 14 March 2011

Is this my worst moment yet?

Today I did something which I think was a bit wrong. Although I do feel I can justify it...
I went to return a small gift that was bought for Mabel (nothing particularly new there I hear you say). Actually it was only part of a gift and not the main part I must add. However, I couldn't find anything I liked to swap it for and the odd thing I did like wasn't in the right size. Somehow, and I don't know how, I ended up a few aisles down in the shoe section...and  I am afraid to admit it was not the childrens shoe section.

That's right, you see where this is going. I swapped a gift for Mabel for a pair of shoes for me. But they were in the sale and a bargain, the perfect pair of nude flats which will go with any number of outfits this summer. And Mabel would want me to look good carrying her, so really they are a gift for her just through me? Also, I am planning to buy her something for the price of the item I returned, just from a different shop, so actually I didn't swap her gift for shoes, I just bought myself shoes and delayed the purchase for her.

Oh God I completely justified it to myself on the way home but written down I am seeing how it was wrong on so many levels. To appease my guilt I am going online right now
 to buy her something in its place.

This is the exact kind of blog post that G Kisby will suggest I keep to myself, in fact it will probably be removed very shortly...


  1. I can not, and I repeat C A N N O T believe that you shared this with anyone, never mind in such a public way!
    what were you thinking? (on both levels)

    apart from anything else, half your readers are the said pepole whose gifts you have admitted to returning (thank goodness mine were homemade or I would be calling you right now to establish it wasn't a small part of MY gift)

    Enjoy your shoes...fee x

  2. Ha ha! This post really made me chuckle - esp the bit about Mabel wanting you to look good carrying her! Thanks for your comment over at mine - I love your blog too!


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